The STC Equine Hospital & Diagnosis Centre is also equipped with various facilities to accommodate horses and their specific needs.

We have a high-speed treadmill, which is currently used for rehab purposes as well as to ascertain the fitness of the horses. We also use it to diagnosis of dynamic airway diseases as well as other conditions related to poor performance.

Besides that, we have a horse walker, which is mainly used for endurance training for endurance horse; while the horse swimming pool is mainly used for cardio workouts.

Our services are supported by up-to-date diagnosis procedures including endoscopy such as bronchoscope to access and diagnose pathology of the respiratory system; and gastroscope to access and diagnose pathology of the gastrointestinal system.

Furthermore, we also have an ancillary physiotherapy unit for shockwave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and laser therapy to treat mainly on musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries.

In addition, we have a full-fledged surgery unit to cater for all types of equine surgery and also diagnostic equipment for digital radiography and ultrasound.