• Entries for all races will be open for horses from the 3 Malaysian Turf Clubs and the field size will be limited to 14 runners with 3 EA’s unless otherwise specified.
  • Entries must be made on M.R.A. Entry Forms, which may be obtained from the Secretaries of any of the associated Clubs.
  • Telephonic message to withdraw or make additional entries or change the distances for horses already entered, must be confirmed in writing by email or WhatsApp through an associated Club prior to the closing of entries. In the event of no such confirmation being received, such changes will be deemed unauthorized and invalid.
  • Reduction of Entries
  1. In the event of excessive entries, Selangor Turf Club will reduce entries via ballot.
  2. In case of there being insufficient entries for a particular distance, the Committee reserves the right to transfer such entries to the race(s) for the alternate distance.
  • Emergency Acceptors

When the size of a field in a race has exceeded the limit the Committee reserves the right to reduce the number of acceptors and determine an order of Emergency Acceptors as follows :-

  1. For Feature Races And Races With Special Conditions
  • The field will be selected by the Panel of Handicappers based on the horses rating in conjunction with recent form over the appropriate distances.
  • Emergency Acceptors from these races shall be exempted from any ballot that may be conducted for the alternate race on the same day.
  • Emergency Acceptors, which are scratched from these races shall not be permitted to start in the alternate race.
  • Emergency Acceptors eliminated from these races shall be permitted to start in an alternate race.
  1. For Terms Races (Including Restricted Maiden Races)

Emergency Acceptors will be determined strictly by ballot except for the following categories of horses will be exempted, where possible :-

  • Any horse which was a last start winner will be assured of a run. (Not applicable to Restricted Maiden races)
  • Any horse which was placed 2nd or 3rd in its last run.
  • Any horse prevented from starting due to capacity fields in the last race for which it was entered.
  1. For All Other Races

The order of Emergency Acceptors will be determined by ratings from the lowest upwards. In the event of similar ratings a ballot will be conducted. The following categories of horses will be exempted from Emergency Acceptor status in the following order where possible :-

  • Any horse which was a last start winner will be assured of a run.
  • Any horse which was placed 2nd or 3rd in its last run.
  • Any horse prevented from starting due to capacity fields in the last race for which it was entered.

The Club reserves the right to amend / alter the above condition(s) relating to Clause 1.5 without assigning any reasons thereof. The Club’s decision shall be final.


  • All Emergency Acceptors will be included in the barrier draw. All fees payable in respect of such race shall be paid for Emergency Acceptors as required by the Rules and / or conditions if such Emergency Acceptors be permitted to start.
  • Emergency Acceptors shall be withdrawn from that race if there are no vacancies at 9am of the first race of the day.
  • All trainers are allowed to scratch their horses which are Emergency Acceptors 4 and above at time of declaration without penalty. However, the RM50.00 administrative fee remains payable.
  • Declarations

Scratching and Declarations must be placed in the respective Scratching or Declaration boxes provided at the Scales Room before the date and time stipulated for the close of acceptances. Scratching and Declarations via telephone or fax will not be accepted.

However, outstation trainers whose horses are scheduled to arrive at the Club after the scratching / declaration time are permitted to fax their scratching and declarations to the Club. Their faxes must reach the Club’s Racing Department by 5.00pm, a day preceding the official scratching / declaration day and they must confirm with the Racing Department their scratching and the declarations. Failure to comply may result in their horses being scratched without notice and a penalty imposed.


2.1)    The Entry Fees will be inclusive of 8%  Services Sales Tax (SST) as of 1st March 2024 must be paid latest by 5.00pm on Friday before the weekend’s race meeting.

2.2)    Distribution of Entry Fees for Non-Feature Races – The Club will remit RM40.00 from the Entry Fees to Malayan Racing Association and the remaining amount will be retained for administrative expenses

2.3)    Refund of Entry Fees – When horses are withdrawn by order of the Racing Stewards or the Veterinary Surgeons, the Club will refund the Entry Fees less RM50.00 for administrative expenses.

2.4)   Trainer Scratching – When a horse is Trainer scratched, the Trainer will be charged RM100.00.

2.5)  Scratching & Penalty – The horses which are entered for Selangor race meetings (pre-declaration) CANNOT BE SCRATCHED unless they are :-

  1. Veterinary Scratching’s.
  2. Stewards’ Withdrawals.
  3. Emergency Acceptor 4 & Above.
  4. Trainer Scratching allowed if more then 12 runners in the field.

Note :- Entry Fees will be forfeited for horses which are scratched without the above-mentioned reasons.


The Club will be bearing the payment for these riding fees.


Kindly refer to STAKES MONEY DISTRIBUTION SCHEME at Selangor Turf Club official website for further details.


5.1)    All horses must be brought to the Holding Area 2½ hours before the advertised time of their races to enable blood samples to be collected and tested as well as for them to be weighed and their weights declared.

5.2)    Trainers must ensure that the syce / employee who is in charge of the horse and who signs on the pre-race blood collection form is the one and same person that accompanies and is responsible for the horse during post-race blood and urine collections. Special permission must be sought in writing from the Chief Stipendiary Steward should there be a non-compliance of this directive. Failure to comply with this directive may result in a penalty being imposed.

5.3)    Trainers are requested not to allow their horses from their stable to proceed to the Pre-Race Weighing Scales & Holding Area earlier than the stipulated time before the commencement of the race.

5.4)    If for any reason a Trainer, his ‘B’ Trainer or his Supervisor whose horse(s) is/are already within the Holding Area, the person concerned may be allowed to enter the Holding Area by the Security Guard on duty, provided he produces his MRA pass.  The Security Guard on duty will record the MRA Pass number, the time of entry into the Holding Area and time of departure of the person concerned.

5.5)    Inside the Holding Area, the horse(s) Passport and the vaccination status will be checked, pre-race blood collected and a stall allocated to each horse, where it will remain until instructed to move to the saddling stalls by an authorized official.

5.6)    Trainers must ensure that horses under their charge and stabled within the Turf Club premises are vaccinated regularly. A horse may not be permitted to start in a race if its Passport is not available and its vaccination status is not current at the time the weight of the horse is taken at the pre-race holding area.

5.7)    Syces will not be allowed to bring into the Holding Area any food, drinks or pouches. Body search may be carried out by the Security Guard on duty.

5.8)    Trainers must ensure that syces who escort their horses to the pre-race and post-race urine collection stables bring along with them their MRA pass for verification.

5.9)    Trainers must ensure that their syces accompanying horses display prominently their valid MRA passes on their person; failing which, entry into the Holding Area will be denied.

5.10) Trainers should ensure that, except for employees directly involved in the saddling process, no other unauthorized person is allowed into the saddling stall(s).

5.11) Once a syce is inside the Holding Area he / she will not be permitted to leave the building at any time other than when he/she is required to lead the horse to the Saddling stalls.

5.12) Trainers with horses requiring two syces to lead a horse to the Holding Area are requested to obtain prior written permission from any of the Stipendiary Stewards. The authorization letter should be handed over to the Security Guard on duty at the Holding Area.



Horses will be tested when they come out of their Holding Areas into the Saddling Paddock area about half an hour before their respective races. The horses are required to trot enroute to the Saddling Paddock in an orderly manner as directed by the Club’s veterinary official before being led into their saddling stalls.


Trainers must submit to the Club an advance list (stating full name, old and new NRIC numbers, MRA pass number and designation) of their employees who require entry into the stables area for the race meeting at least 24 hours before their arrival. Any changes to the list may be reported to the Security Office upon the employees’ arrival. Non compliance may result in a penalty and/or the workers being denied entry into the stables.


Stable accommodation will be provided by the Club for outstation horses entered and raced at SLTC race meetings.


A syce allowance of RM5.00 per day per horse will be paid for outstation horses entered and raced at the meeting. The payment will not be made if the horse is scratched from all engagements without veterinary grounds.


MRA Rule of Racing No. 57, 65 & 66. Trainers are required to declare their horses to run in the colours of their registered owners failing which a penalty may be imposed. Trainers will be charged a sum of RM50.00 plus 8% SST for using the Club colours in the race meeting.


All horses entered for the race meeting must display their respective training saddle cloth number as published in the Training List during official training.



The Meeting will be held under Malayan Racing Association Rules of Racing, Regulations and Notices.


The Committee reserves the right to make any alterations to this programme, to divide / combine, transfer entries between classes/divisions/distances, reject entries, add or cancel any race(s) before or after the closing of entries.


The Committee reserves the right to cancel any race, the entries or acceptances of which is considered insufficient. The Committee also reserves the right to substitute the cancelled races and to cause the entries or acceptances of the cancelled races to be re-handicapped.


All Totalisator investment will be deemed to have been made in accordance with the rules of the Totalisator Board, which are available for inspection on request.

Office                     :           Selangor Turf Club, Jalan Sungei Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone               :           03-9058-3888

Fax                         :           03-9058-5755 or 03-9058-5762

                                                                                     By Order Of The Committee


                As of Feb 2024