The Selangor Turf Club will close its main track for upgrade and returfing effective 15 April 2024. Following the successful results from the test plot upgrade between 950m to 850m in July last year, the Club will proceed with Phase 1 of upgrading from 550m to the Finishing Post.

The Club will adopt the same methodology using a wicking drainage geotextile called MIRAFI® FWL22-DR1. The wicking drainage geotextile absorbs the rainfall that infiltrates the ground and drains across the track into a subsoil trench drain. The speed of the drainage is crucial in ensuring rapid resumption of the track useability for racing.

The turf and topsoil from 550m to the Finishing Post will be removed and the area excavated to a depth of 350mm with a gradient slope of 2 degrees created to facilitate run off into the subsoil trench drain to the outside of the track. 

A 150mm perforated pipe will be encased in drainage gravel within the subsoil trench drain and connected to an existing deep concrete culvert. Finally, the wicking drainage geotextile will be smoothly laid on the excavated and compacted subgrade and the topsoil/turf will be re-laid and compacted.

These subsoil drainage improvement design requires minimum earthworks with simple construction procedure that consequently minimize the race disruption duration during heavy downpour.

The main track is expected to be open for racing by mid-June 2024. During this period of closure, Selangor Turf Club races will be held on Track 2. With this upgrade of the Main Track, the Club would be in a better position to manage the anticipated surge in its horse population and facilitate the increased demand for racing.