Trainers Mohd Sukri and Lawson Moy shared the honours when saddled four winners respectively in the card of 23 races over the weekend at Selangor Turf Club. Sukri’s form on Saturday started at the opening event with Fortune Spirit (Anandan), followed by in Race 3 with Cuban Heel (Y Aify) in Race 9 with Speedy Demon (Anandan) and won the last event of the day with Major Green (Salee). Sukri has so far saddled 19 winners while Lawson has a tally of 16 winners.
Lawson saddled a winner of Saturday in Race 10 with Trumps Up (S. Ruzaini) and took the last three races on Sunday in Race 10 with War Dragon (Y Aify), Place Your Bets (App J Daniel) in Race 11 and capped a great day in the last event with Talisman (S. Uzair).

Trainer Charles Leck who was in great form at the previous meeting managed to saddle three winners, in Race 4 with Hydrant (A. Suriya) and the following event with Volante General (S. Ruzaini) and on Sunday won with Browcow (App. L De Souza)
Trainer Richard Lines still on top with 29 winners when saddled two winners with Song Kid (J De Souza, Race 2, Sat) and Blood Royal (L De Souza, Race 3, Sun).
Trainers Simon Dunderdale and Shane Edwards also managed to saddle two winners respectively.
Dunderdable’s winners were Roc That (HK Cheng, Race 6, on Sat and Buenos Aires (R. Shafiq, Race 7 on Sun. While Edwards winners were on Sunday in Race 2 (Jeffery, KC Wong) and in Race 5 with Truson (Z. Khairil).
Trainer Frank Maynard managed to get a double on Sunday in the opening event with Toobigtofail (J Low) and in Race 4 with Mozart Eclipse (App. L De Souza).
Trainers with a single winner were Wayne Lim (Nova Warrior, Y Aify, Race 7, Sat).
SY Lim (Black Thorn, HK Cheng, Race 8, Sat), Johnny Lim (Lim’s Evolution, Race 6, Sun), and trainer Tan Soo Beng (Ateej, Race 8, Sun).
Jockey Y Aify and Apprentice L De Souza hogged the limelight with three winners each at the weekend races. Y Aify managed to get a double on Sat with Sukri-trained Cuban Heel in Race 3 and followed up in Race 7 with Nova Warrior and on Sunday he steered odds on favourite Lawson Moy trained War Dragon. L De Souza’s winners were on Sunday in Race 3 with Richard Lines-trained Blood Royal, the following event with Frank Maynard trained Mozart Eclipse and capped a great day with Charles Leck trained Browcow in Race 9.

Jockeys with a double were S. Anandan (Fortune Spirit, Race 1, Sat) and Speedy Demon (Race 9, Sat). Jockey S. Ruzaini’s doubles were on Saturday with Volante General (Race 5) and Trumps Up (Race 10). While HK Cheng’s doubles were also on Saturday with Roc That in Race 6 and in Race 8 with Black Thorn.
Jockey R. Shafiq completed a race to race double on Sunday with Buenos Aires (Race 7) and in Ateej (Race 8).
Saturday: Jockeys with a single winner were A. Suriya (Hydrant, Race 4), Jose De Souza (Song Kid, Race 2), S. Salee (Major Green, Race 11).
Sunday: Jockeys with a single winner were Jackson Low (Toobigtofail, Race 1), KC Wong (Jeffery, Race 2), HS Gill (Lim’s Evolution, Race 6), J Daniel (Place Your Bets, Race 11) and S. Uzair (Talisman, Race 12).