In an effort to provide better training facilities and to prevent injury to horses, the Club recently conducted the process of levelling and breaking the undulating surface of the main sand track.

Over the years, the usage main sand track for the training of horses and due to the nature of the  environment had caused the sand to be heavily compacted and forming a hardpan layer, resulting the depth of the top loose sand measures about 2’’ to 3’’ in many areas of the track.

The sand track consists of several layers which includes the crushed run “base,” the “hardpan” of compacted sand and then the softer sandy cushion on top. Each layer should be even throughout the track. The hardpan need to be flat so that everything on top of it stays consistent. This is accomplished by regular grooming of the sand track using a harrow, a heavy frame set with teeth or tines dragged over the sand track by a tractor.

The top cushion should be about 4 to 6 inches deep to withstand the force of the hoof of a horse galloping at 30 to 40 miles per hour and at the same time must be soft enough to absorb the impact.

The whole process of levelling and breaking the surface of main sand track was done by mobilizing a milling machine consisting of a rotating cutter with teeth that would reach deep into the soil to break up the existing hardpan and the job was completed on 3rd February 2024.