The set curriculum for the SLTC Apprentice School covers a myriad of topics. Although centered on riding, it offers a balanced tuition of many aspects of horse racing and horse welfare. Of significant importance are modules related to Life Skills such as media training, taxation, banking, English lessons and even a dining etiquette element.

As an integral part of their Apprenticeship, it’s important that students are aware of all manner of horse husbandry facets and many modules being delivered by the SLTC Veterinary Department and their associated service providers, such as farriery, dentistry, lameness, bleeders, swimming and an interactive leg dissection.

Greg McLaren & Frank Maynard apprentice, A Nazir

To this end Greg McLaren, Business Development Manager, MITAVITE ASIA Equine Nutrition Australia had a “hands on” session with the students – taking them through all forms of horse feed available and how each feed is produced, its value and how it affects the horse. Practical demonstrations with weights and measures accompanied by basic nutritional data were included in the session.

The SLTC Trainers’ Association has sponsored the Apprentice “Ride of the Month” since the School’s inception and President, Frank Maynard kindly allowed the use of his stable facilities and feed room, thus ensuring the lecture was conducted in a working forum.

The students presented Greg with a memento from the Apprentice School and also a souvenir photo of MITAVITE ASIA’s Executive Director Gavin Kenna awarding the company’s sponsored saddle for Best Win Place Percentage Q3 to Malaysian Champion Apprentice, Clyde Leck last year.

“It is not the horse that draws the cart, but the oats.” 

Poetic Guest

SLTC Apprentices with Greg McLaren of ENA & “Mr Hopkins”