Triple Crown

The Selangor Turf Club Triple Crown race series comprises the three Malaysian Group 1 races run at Selangor throughout the year.


1) Tunku Gold Cup (G1) 1200m RM350,000 (Appox US106,200) - 2 February 2014

2) Selangor Gold Cup (G1) 1600m RM350,000 (Appox US$106,200) - 6 April 2014

3) Piala Emas Sultan Selangor (G1) 2000m RM500,000 (Appox US$152,000) - 8 June 2014


The Selangor Turf Club offer incentives for foreign trained horses to target their Group 1 races and often prizemoney is significantly increased to attracted the best possible field. In 2012 The Piala Emas Sultan Selangor prizemoney was doubled to RM1,000,000 (Appox US$324,100).

If any horse wins all three legs of The Triple Crown they will be awarded RM500,000 however since it's inception in 2003 no horse has won the Triple Crown series. In 2005 Superb Classic trained by Cecil Robert won the first two legs of the series which is as close as any horse has got to winning the Triple Crown.


Honour Roll - Tunku Gold Cup (G1) 1200m
Year Winner Trainer Jockey Time
2013 REBEL FURY Shane Edwards Alan Munro 1:08.35
2012 MIGHTY TRIPLE ACE Katherine Hughes K Eirwan 1.10.00
2011 CAPTAIN OBVIOUS KL Chong R Woodworth 1.08.30
2010 SANJUAN BT Lim Noel Callow 1.09.27
2009 HAPPY VICTORY Kevin Coetzee Shahrul Nizam 1.10.3
2008 TRIPLE HAPPY Simon Liew M Djulkifli 1.10.6
2007 GOLDEN ACE P Pereira R Woodworth 1.10.3
2006 GOLDEN RAINBOW Abdul Rahim Richard Lim 1.09.7
2005 SUPERB CLASSIC Cecil Robert SH Oh 1.10.0
2004 MONEY MARKET Peter Tennent V Sivan 1.10.2
2003 XTHEREST K Velu Darren Holland 1.12.2


Honour Roll - Selangor Gold Cup (G1) 1600m (run over 2000m in 2003)
Year Winner Trainer Jockey Time
2013 GOOD BABY Kevin Coetzee 1 Azhar 1:34.54
2012 POWER OF KHAN BT Lim S John 1.34.60
2011 GOOD NATURE Kevin Coetzee App J Lim 1.34.7
2010 GOOD NATURE Kevin Coetzee App J Lim 1.35.5
2009 KIKO'S RETURN BT Lim Din Azis 1.37.7
2008 SHANTOU MAYOR BT Lim E Legrix 1.35.2
2007 JERAM SPECIAL Frankie Maynard I Azhar 1.36.0
2006 FREE SPIRIT KL Chong J Saimee 1.35.8
2005 SUPERB CLASSIC Cecil Robert SH Oh 1.36.9
2004 OPPOSING FORCE KC Tiang J Saimee 1.39.3
2003 CONFLUENCE F Nathan Oscar Chavez 2.06.3


Honour Roll - Piala Emas Sultan Selangor (G1) 2000m (run over 1600m prior to 2004)
Year Winner Trainer Jockey Time
2013 GOOD SIGHT Kevin Coetzee Noel Callow 2:03.54
2012 SPEED BABY Steven Burridge Noel Callow 1.59.50
2011 RISKY BUSINESS Steven Burridge Noel Callow 2.00.20
2010 TOP SPIN BT Lim Jose de Souza 2.03.40
2009 COLOURLAND SUPREME Cecil Robert V Sivan 2.01.9
2008 TRIGGER EXPRESS Steven Burridge Din Azis 2.01.8
2007 FAST FLYING Kevin Coetzee KM Chin 2.03.2
2006 FREE SPIRIT KL Chong J Saimee 2.05.7
2005 OPPOSING FORCE KC Tiang Grant Cooksley 2.03.5
2004 FLYING DIAMOND KH Ng Grant Cooksley  
2003 SIMPLY NOBLE P Corner C Hewitson 1.38.0


2013 (G1) Tunku Gold Cup - Rebel Fury


2013 (G1) Selangor Gold Cup - Good Baby


2013 (G1) Piala Emas Sultan Selangor - Good Sight