With the current MCO and upcoming Ramadhan, we know that many of you may not be able to ride.

STCEC would like to offer Intro Horse Management and Intro General Riding Modules, to be done via online learning for the theory parts. The practical learning to be done at the stables, at your own convenience.

The units & requirements in each module are:

Horse Management

  1. General Horsemanship & Safety
  2. Saddlery, Rugs, Boots & Saddle Cloths
  3. Health & Fitness, Feeding, Hoof Care, Grooming & Travelling

80 hours of practice – log book to be kept, signed by MEM / EA coach

Theory & practical assessment

General Riding

  1. Flatwork
  2. Riding in the Open and Over Trot Poles
  3. Lungeing the Horse

Riding competency of Preliminary dressage level (60% and above)

Theory & practical assessment



RM 800 per module (for either Intro Horse Management or Riding)

Includes MEM registration, books, theory sessions online only

Practical sessions can be deducted from existing STCEC lesson packages or charged separately

 All prices are subject to 6% SST


Training is open to everyone 12 years old and above. Delivery will be via videos to your email address. You are encouraged to ask questions and these will be replied via email. Registration is open now. The courses will start 23rd April 2020.

These modules are recognised by MEM, in affiliation with Equestrian Australia. Once all 3 units and practical hours are completed, and when assessed as competent, you will be issued with a certificate by Majlis Ekuin Malaysia.

For more info or to sign up, please contact Ina 012 362 2353 and Wan Ming, or your respective coaches, Zainal or Mimi.

Stay safe, everyone!