Saturday Review:
First season trainer, S. Sivakumar and Apprentice L De Souza shared the limelight with three winners each last Saturday.
Siva, who started his career in August this year was in form to win Race 7, 8 and 9 with Condado, Kuttner and Mr Epic respectively.
Trainers with a single win were leading trainer Richard Lines in the opening event with Air Power, KF Wong from Perak  with Sir Rally in  Race 2, Johnny Lim won with Big Dallas in Race 3, Kevin Coetzee  with Soon You Think in  Race 4, Tan Soo Beng  with Ashqar in  Race 5, Simon Dunderdale  with Xzuberance in  Race 6 and PS Kumaran  with Just Duit in the last race of the day..
On the jockeys’ front, Apprentice L De Souza showed his uncanny skills to ride  three winners.
He rode Air Power  to win Race 1,  and then rode a back to back double on Candado  in Race 7 and Kuttner  in Race 8 to make it a treble.
Jockeys HS Gill and AM Aizat rode a double each.
Gill was successful on Big Dallas in Race 3 and on Soon You Think in Race 4, While Aizat clinched Race 2 on Sir Rally and went on to complete his double celebrations on Mr Epic in Race 9.
Jockeys with a single winner on Saturday were Y Aify on Ashqar in Race 5, Jose De Souza on Xzuberance in Race 6 and R. Reuven on Just Duit in Race 10.

Sunday Review:
Trainer Charles Leck took the trainer honours with three winners in the card of 9 races on Sunday.
Heavy rain forced the club to cancel the last three races in the card of 12 races.
Leck saddled with French Vintage in Race 2, Order of The Sun (2.01.9 seconds – new course record) in Race 6 and Browcow in Race 9.
Penang based trainer S. Hamilton saddled a double in Race 4 on Arif and won the LCH Cup in Race 8 with Funkadelic with jockey S. Salee abroad.
Trainers with single winner were, Wayne Lim  in Race 1 with Bejing Star, Johnny Lim  scored in Race 3 with Elite Conqueror and  Perak based trainer Evert van Breuklen saddled Kante to win Race 5, Johnny Lim  with Elite Conqueror to win Race 3 and Tan Soo Beng  won with Danzeb in  Race 7.
Apprentice S. Suryia and Jockey S Salee took the riding honours on Sunday with a double each.
Suryia was successful in Race 2  on French Vintage and Race 6 on Order Of The Sun. Salee was victorious in Race 5 with Kante and Funkadelic  in Race 8.
Jockeys with single winner were S. Ruzaini  on Beijing Star in Race 1, Calvin Goon  on Elite Conqueror in Race 3, Rueven with Arif in Race 4, Oscar Chavez  on Danzeb in  Race 7 and HK Cheng  on Browcow in Race 9).