Siva 48, who humbly started his career as a syce working with several trainers in Jalan Ampang race course before moving up as a stable supervisor to former trainer V. Nathan. In June 2015 he was granted a B trainer’s licence and was attached to PS Kumaran until August 2018 and thereafter, was granted a A Trainers Licence by Malayan Racing Association.  He started his training operations after being allocated 20 stables by the Selangor Turf Club.

He got his first taste of success on Saturday when he saddled Alien to win in Race 10 and continued with another win with a rank outsider These Street in Race 7 on Sunday.

In the race card of 21 races in the 15th edition of Selangor Turf Club International Racing Carnival, leading trainer Richard Lines saddled four winners over on Saturday and Sunday bringing the tally to 70 winners.
Richard Lines was successful on Saturday with Arecibo (Race 2, L De Souza) and Good Vibration (Race 9, L De Souza). He also saddled two winners on Sunday with odd on favourite Energizer (Race 2, Oscar Chavez) and Ready To Rock (Race 9, Jose De Souza).
Currently in second spot is Frank Maynard with 62 winners. He saddled three winners over the weekend. He started off with D Great Spirit (Race 4, HK Cheng) and then on Sunday in the opening event with Happy Start (W.Faizal), Taramea (Race 6, J Low).
Trainer Tan Soo Beng also saddled three winners; Spin Fire (Race 3, Sofhan), and Good Deal Race 8, Sofhan) on Saturday and Star Strike (Race 8, Sandana on Sunday).
Trainers who saddled a double are:
1)    Shane Edwards (Anak Warrior, Salee, Race 1) and season campaigner Trudeau (CK Khaw, Race 6) Saturday.
2)    S. Siva Kumar (Alien, L De Souza, Race 10, Sat). These Streets (Race 7, Sofhan, Sun).
3)     Wayne Lim (Prince Raven, Race 4, S. Sandana, Sun), Catch Me Great (Race 11, SU Lim, Sun).
Trainers who saddled a single winner are:
1)    Mohd Sukri (Race 5, Gold Mosa L De Souza, Sat)
2)    Charles Leck (Race 7, French Vintage, A. Suriya, Sat)
3)    Steven Cook (Race 3, Deadline day, P Mogun, Sun).
4)    Lawson Moy (Race 5, Splendor, W. Faizal, Sun).
5)    Johnny Lim (Race 10, Lim’s Master, A Zaimuddin, Sun).

On the jockeys’ front, Apprentice L De Souza and local rider Sofhan Latiff shared the honour of riding three winners each respectively.
L De Souza stole the limelight on Saturday with three winners in Race 5 (Gold Mosa), Race 9 (Good Vibrations), Race 10 (Alien).
While Sofhan rode a chance mount in Race 3 (Spin Fire) and Good Deal (Race 8) on Saturday and on Sunday he rode an outsider These Streets (Race 7).
Jockeys with a double were Jose De Souza (Arecibo, Race 2, Sat), Ready To Rock (Race 9, Sun), Apprentice W Faizal  (Happy Start, Race 1, Sun), Splendor (Race 5, Sun).
Jockey S Sandana was in great form when rode two winners on Sunday, Prince Raven (Race 4), Star Strike (Race 8).
Jockeys with single winner are:
Saturday: Salee (Anak Warrior, Race 1), HK Cheng  (D’Great Spirit, Race 4), CK Khaw (Trudeau, Race 6), App Suriya (French Vintage, Race 7).
Sunday: Oscar Chavez (Energizer, Race 2), SU Lim (Catch Me Great, Race 11), Jackson Low (Taramea, Race 6), P Mogun (Deadline Day, Race 3) and Apprentice ZAimuddin (Lim’s Master, Race 10).