The Selangor Turf Club is pleased to announce an addition to its simulcast of races to international jurisdictions with the launch of Selangor Turf Club races at Jockey Club of Turkey effective December 2022.

The Club secured an agreement with Jockey Club of Turkey recently enabling it to successfully simulcast its races and operate wagering activities in Turkey through Jockey Club of Turkey’s betting platforms. This would be a new market segment ventured by Selangor Turf Club to comprehend its existing simulcast of races to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Macau, India, North America, Ireland and United Kingdom.

The Club has established a good relationship with Jockey Club of Turkey for a long period of time whereby the Club have participated in the Malayan Racing Association (MRA) reciprocal races in Turkey and also hosted Jockey Club of Turkey reciprocal races at the Sungei Besi racecourse with the latest been the Jockey Club of Turkey Trophy held on 3rd December 2022.

Horse racing in Turkey is very popular with big race meetings taking place regularly. The Jockey Club of Turkey overseas a total of ten racecourses situated in various parts of Turkey. They are Istanbul Veliefendi Racecourse, Adana Yesiloba Racecourse, Ankara 75. Yil Racecourse, Bursa Osmangazi Racecourse, Diyarbakir Racecourse, Elazig Racecourse, Izmir Sirinyer Racecourse, Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse, Sanliurfa Racecourse and the latest racecourse opened in January 2022, the Antalya Racecourse.  

Former horse trainer at Turkish Jockey Club in Istanbul, New Zealander Simon Dunderdale, who is currently based at Selangor Turf Club for the past six years believes that racing in Selangor Turf Club has  great followings and with the club heading in the right direction, it has developed into a prominent export market to overseas jurisdictions. Simon who has 35 horses in work at the Selangor Turf Club has trained for prominent owners including Memhet Kurt, Necdat Narin and Adem Erdolek in Turkey.

“We are delighted to introduce the simulcast of Malaysian horse racing to racing fans in Turkey which would certainly provide them with an additional race venue to wager. The live telecast of our racing will be received in Turkey in the morning of Saturdays and Sundays due to the difference in time zone between Malaysia and Turkey. We thank Jockey Club of Turkey for their support and this simulcast of races would further strengthen our existing relationship”, said Chairman of Selangor Turf Club, Tan Sri Datuk Richard Cham Hak Lim.