Specific fitness exercise is a crucial element of any athlete’s training regime. For jockeys, there is a multitude of exercise ‘bikes’ and horse facsimiles available globally. Although the SLTC Apprentice School students have access to some wooden exercise ‘horses’ – in their drive for excellence, they researched and developed a unique race riding exercise simulator.

Not being skilled in metalwork or welding, the students sought the assistance of Kau Wai Keong and Yee Swee Kin from the Club’s Racing Operations as well as Mun Yew Seong from Procurement department to best achieve the end product – entitled “ROCK-it”.

SLTC Apprentice School student demonstrate “ROCK-it”

SLTC Apprentice School student demonstrate “ROCK-it”

As a finished product, “ROCK-it” is a bespoke exercise horse simulator with a shock absorber recoil, fully adjustable leg positioning, static or swing leg movement and is painted in the Club’s distinctive Red & Yellow colours.

Thank you gift to Yee Swee Kin.

CEO of Malaysia Totalisator Board, Puan Nor Hashimah Hashim joined the SLTC Apprentice School students for the unveiling of “ROCK-it” and their presentation to Mr Yee for his help with the project – Puan Hashimah even tried out the innovative design with the assistance of the Apprentices.

Due to its popularity, the SLTC Apprentice School plans to build 6 more “ROCK-it” for all Apprentices use. Horse owners and trainers who wish to sponsor a unit of ROCK-it can have their racing colours painted on their ROCK-it and their name will be pasted on the sponsored ROCK-it.  

Puan Nor Hashimah, CEO of Malaysia Totalisator Board and Yee Swee Kin (right) with SLTC Apprentice School students at the unveiling of “ROCK-it”.