In ensuring the smoothness of Racing on the Main Track, the Club did some major repair works to upgrade the surface between 400 meters to 500 meters of the Main Track.        

At the 400m to 450m, in about 250 square meters of area, 5m of old turf from inner track was replaced with new Zoysia el Toro from the Clubs grass nursey.

At the 450m to 500m, about 1250 square meters of area were cut and leveled to an even gradient using seven lorry load of rootzone sand which was harrowed with sand leveler. The entire ground was rolled and compacted and turfed with Zoysia el too.

The work flow of the repair work are shown below:

1. Sod cutting to remove the old turf and leveling of slope gradient
2. Rootzone sand added and leveled




3. Rootzone sand added and leveled.

4. Filling with sand and scatter with plastic rake to close up the gap in between the sod. Turfing works completed

The Main track is now ready for the weekend races on 15th January 2023.