The Royal Malaysia Police College Kuala Lumpur organized a course on Horse Racing Wagering at the Selangor Turf Club on Saturday, 16 July 2022.

A group of 35 senior police officers from the rank of Inspector to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) participated in the course to gain an in depth knowledge of racing and totalisator operations at the Club.

The group was led by Superintendent (SUPT) Chelvam Ramiah Pillai. The visit is part of the D7 Crime Prevention Unit’s course on Gambling to senior ranking police officers currently posted around the country.

The officers were briefed by the staff of Selangor Turf Club and EQ Sports on race day operation and racing totalisator operation. The participants were exposed to the fundamental of betting and horse racing such as registration of horses, licensing of respective personnel, responsibilities of stewards, handicappers and veterinary officials, race inquiry, racing rules and other general topics.

They also enjoyed an afternoon of races witnessing Kuala Lumpur races and live telecast of races from Hong Kong and Australia. Also present at the event was Acting Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Totalisator Board, Puan Nor Hashimah.