In welcoming the Lunar New Year of the Rat, the Selangor Turf Club wishes everyone a Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous New Year !   GONG XI FA CAI !

Latching on to the good fortunes of 2020, the Club is pleased to announce the major races programmed for the new year.  Working towards improving racing, we have packed in many races with varied distances to cater for the horses of different ages and abilities.

Our Triple Crown Series starts with Tunku Gold Cup 1200m in March 2020, followed by the start of the 3YO Championship, from April to middle of July 2020.  This series is a joint effort from the 3 Malaysian Turf Clubs.

The 3YO Series features three Heats carrying prizemoney of RM100,000 each.  Heat 1 will be at Perak Turf Club in April 2020, followed by Heat 2 at Penang Turf Club in May 2020 and the final Heat 3 at Selangor Turf Club in June 2020. 

On 12 July 2020, the Selangor Turf Club will hold the Grand Finale for the 3YO Championship Series over 1200m, with a prize money of RM200,000.

This series has proven to attract interests as it offers Owners the opportunity to buy young horses without waiting for too long to be engaged in races of higher stake money and return of investment.

In our search for the champion 4YO horses, the Club has programmed a series of two 4YO races namely the 4YO Sprint in May 2020 and the 4YO Miler Trophy in July 2020 which carries a prizemoney of RM100,000 each respectively.  This will provide a competition among the age group horses before they compete in open company with the more matured horses.

Come August 2020, we will witness the best Milers in Malaysia fighting it out competitively in the running of the Selangor Gold Cup 1600m.

Perak Turf Club started the New Year with the Derby in January 2020, which panned out well, next major race will be the Perak Gold Vase in June 2020 at 1100m and Coronation Cup in November 2020.

Penang Turf Club, on the other hand, raised the platform for the sprinters to join the middle distances horses by staging the Sprint Trophy, a 1400m race in July 2020 and culminating with the Penang Gold Cup 2000m in December 2020.

The Selangor Turf Club is very proud to announce that the prizemoney allocated for Piala Emas Sultan Selangor (PESS) in September 2020 over 2000m will be increased by a massive 33% from RM300,000 to RM400,000, making it the richest race in Malaysia.

In recognition of the efforts by the up and coming Class 3 horses, the management is in the process of negotiations with some private companies and individuals to sponsor some BLACK TYPE races for this group of horses, ie. Sports Toto, Safar Gemilang, Al-Rashid, etc

With the success of the Selangor Turf Club Apprentice School and the multitude of young riders coming through, the Club is looking at structuring an Apprentice race series in the later part of 2020.

The Selangor Turf Club looks forward to an exciting year 2020 packed with activities, challenges and excitement.

Please login to our websites for details of the above races at

With the above update, we hope you will be able to plan ahead for a fruitful year.

Wishing you Happy Racing !   May your year start well !

Mar-15 SLTC Tunku Gold Cup 1,200 Open 200,000
Apr-19 PRTC 3YO Championship (H-1) 1,200 3YO 100,000
May-10 SLTC 4YO Sprint 1,200 4YO 100,000
May-31 PNTC 3YO Championship (H-2) 1,200 3YO 100,000
Jun-21 PRTC Perak Gold Vase 1,100 Open 150,000
Jun-28 SLTC 3YO Championship (H-3) 1,200 3YO 100,000
Jul-05 SLTC 4YO Miler 1,600 4YO 100,000
Jul-12 SLTC 3YO Championship 1,200 3YO 200,000
Jul-26 PNTC Penang Sprint Trophy 1,400 Open 300,000
Aug-09 SLTC Selangor Gold Cup 1,600 Open 200,000
Sep-06 SLTC Piala Emas Sultan Selangor 2,000 Open 400,000
Nov-01 PRTC Coronation Cup 1,600 Open 300,000
Nov-22 SLTC Sport Toto Supreme Challenge Cup *TBA *TBA 100,000
Dec-27 PNTC Penang Gold Cup 2,000 Open 350,000