The demands on all athletes are significant in terms of performing to their best. Those demands are increased in young developing sportspeople and even more so when their ability are tested in controlling and maximizing the performance of an animal – the horse.

The Selangor Turf Club (SLTC) Committee is conscious of the fact that Apprentice Jockeys have to deal with pressure from many areas including their own expectation. To assist them in coping with the rigors of training, overcoming injuries and performing to their maximum, Sports Psychologist Dr Rebecca Wong and her company MYWellness & SportsScience Consulting, were enlisted to deliver lectures and education in these important areas to the SLTC Apprentice School students. 

Part of that, “mind body synergy” training was covered in several modules of Yoga – which gave the apprentices an alternative to their bi-weekly gymnasium training regimes. A high level gymnast will also instruct and demonstrate to the students body movement, bio-mechanics and aerial awareness. 

Dr Wong’s topics of Emotional Indigence in Sport, Sports Motivation & Coping with Stress are all bespoke designed to address specific issues and assist young developing race riders cope with the demands in the diverse environment of horse racing. Part of Dr Wong’s remit is also to assess and counsel each apprentice in their endeavor to maximize their performance.

As an incentive, MYWellness & SportsScience Consulting has sponsored a racing saddle to be awarded to the Apprentice with the Best SLTC Win / Place Percentage until the end of August.