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World Class CSI Jump-off at STC Annual Horse Show

02 October 2022

It was a fun-filled day coupled with charity and serious competition at the Selangor Turf Club Equestrian Centre on Sunday, 2 Octo...
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30 June 2022

Striving to embark on an ambitious program to revitalise racing, the Selangor Turf Club looks forward for a better year of racing ...
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Selangor Turf Club New Deputy Chairman

17 November 2021

Mr Clement Chew Kuan Hock was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Selangor Turf Club (“SLTC”) by the Committee. He has been Selangor...
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SLTC Races Broadcast to India

17 November 2021

NorthAlley India Pvt. Limited, a registered company in India holding license to conduct totalisator and fixed odds betting in Indi...
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23 September 2021

随着疫情形势逐步好转,雪兰莪赛马公会在关闭了接近4个月后终于恢复营业,并将在来临的周六与周日(9月25日和9月26日)举办赛事。 届时,马会将开放给当日首500位入场的马迷,马迷除了可以观看雪兰莪赛马公会举办的现场赛事,还可以透过电视直播观赏新加坡和香港在周...
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21 September 2021

随着疫情逐步好转,雪兰莪赛马公会在关闭了接近4 个月后终于恢复营业,并将在来临的周末,9月25日和9月26日举办2021下半年首场赛事。 届时将有总数285匹赛马参与这个周末的22场赛事,马迷们可以尽情享受阔别已久的赛马体验。除了雪兰莪赛事,马迷们也可以透过...
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Obituary – The Late Dato’ Dr Chan Lam Kong

16 April 2021

The Deputy Chairman of Selangor Turf Club, Dato’ Dr Chan Lam Kong, aged 85, passed away peacefully on Friday, 16 April 2021. The ...

200 Racing Fans allowed Entry at SLTC

22 October 2020

200 racing fans are allowed to attend races at Selangor Turf Club on Saturday, 24th and Sunday, 25th October 2020.  On Saturday, ...
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