A crucial part of any race day is the safe loading and starting of races. The people charged with ensuring this task is completed fairly, quickly and safely are the Starting Crew under the control SLTC Official Starter Mr Bobby Tasharizal.

Last week SLTC conducted a training session at the 2000m chute, where 20 stalls’ handlers were shown and practiced the quick re-saddling of a racehorse as demonstrated by Assistant Trainer Jody Ward.

The “crew” then practiced loading techniques on the fiberglass ‘horse’ statues and the Club’s Starter Hacks, before handling and loading several horses under the watchful eye of Bobby and his offside, as well as the SLTC Veterinary Dept. and the Club’s CEO, Mr Mike Fong.

Thank you, Mr Ward and trainer Mr Frank Maynard  for their assistance and support in this training exercise.