Trainers S. Shanmugam and SY Lim shared the honours with a double each in the card of nine races at Selangor Turf Club last Sunday. Perak based Shanmugam saddled Star Choice to win in Race 2 and the following event with Chief Clerk both ridden by jockey KC Wong.
SY Lim’s double came in Race 8 with Trinity Spirit and took the last event with Machung Star. Trainers with a single winner were Johnny Lim with Elite Kingdom in Race 1, Wayne Lim saddled Don’t Mind Ifido in Race 4, Kevin Coetzee’s winner was in Race 5 with Elusive Dream and Lawson Moy saddled Premium Rush to win in Race 6. Trainer AB Abdullah took the Stayers Stakes B event with Showar in Race 7.
Jockeys KC Wong and AK Lim shared the honours when both secured two winners each at Selangor Turf Club last Sunday. Jockey AK Lim’s double was in Race 4 with Don’t Mind Ifido and in Race 8 with Trinity Spirit.
KC Wong rode Star Choice in Race 2 and took the following event with Chief Clerk. He rode both winners for Perak based trainer S. Shanmugam. Jockeys with a single winner were, Apprentice R. Nuqman (Elite Kingdom, Race 1), Z. Khairil (Elusive Dream, Race 5), Brazilian Jockey Jose De Souza (Showar, Race 7): S. Uzair (Premium Rush, Race 6) and SU Lim (Machung Star, Race 9).