Trainers Shane Edwards and Frank Maynard took the training honours when saddled three winners each respectively in the card of 20 races at Selangor Turf Club.

Edwards began his treble with Jeffery (Race 3, Pinheiro, Sat) and continued his winning streak on Sunday with Anak Warrior (Pinheiro, Race 1) and Encosta Zone (Pinheiro, Race 2).
While trainer Maynard’s winners were all on Sunday in Race 4 with Confide (Chavez) and the following event with Mozart Eclipse (J Low) and capped the day with his third winner in Race 7 with Tom King (KC Wong).

Trainers Charles Leck, Johnny Lim, Lawson Moy, Wayne Lim, SY Lim and Richard Lines saddled two winners each.

Leck’s winners were on Sunday in Race 3 with Shanghai Nights (App A. Suriya) and in Race 6 with Star Invincible (Ruzaini).
Johnny Lim’s double were in Race 4 with Selangor Star (HS Gill, Sat), and Lim’s Evolution (HS Gill, Race 8, Sun).
Leading trainer Richard Lines’s double also on Saturday with Elf’s Dream (L De Souza, Race 1) and in Race 7 with Ready To Roll (L De Souza).
Trainer SY Lim saddled a winner each on Saturday with Supreme Star (Y Aify, Race 6) and on Sunday in Race 9 with El Tordillo (Anandan).
Trainer Lawson Moy saddled his double on Saturday with Place Your Bets (Pinheiro, Race 5) and Take A Bow (Y Aify, Race 9).
Trainer Wayne Lim’s winners were on Saturday with Catch Me Great (SU Lim, Race 2) and Satellite Golden (AK Lim, Race 8).

Former Jockey turned trainer MW Teh and AB Abdullah saddled a winner each.
Teh saddled  Spin Fire (WK Lee, Race 10, Sun) and Abdullah’s winner was in Race 11 also on Sunday with Race For Fame (Pinheiro).

Visiting Brazilian Jockey Bernando Pinheiro continued to show his uncanny skills when rode five winners from the card of 20 races at the Selangor Turf Club. The 23-year-old rider began his quest on Saturday with Jeffery in Race 3 and Place Your Bets in Race 5. On Sunday, Pinheiro rode Anak Warrior in the opening event and in the following event with Encosta Zone and capped the day in the last event with Race To Fame.

Jockeys, L De Souza, Y Aify and HS Gill rode two each respectively.

Apprentice L De Souza’s double were on Saturday in the opening event with Elf’s Dream and in Race 7 with Ready To Roll.
Jockey HS Gill rode a winner each on Saturday with Selangor Star in Race 4 and on Sunday with Lim’s Evolution in Race 8 respectively.
Jockey Y Aify’s rode his double also on Saturday with a chance mount on Supreme Star in Race 6 and Take A Bow in Race 9.

Jockeys with a single winner were, SU Lim (Catch Me Great, Race 2, Sat), AK Lim (Satellite Golden, Race 8, Sat).
Apprentice A. Suriya rode Shanghai Nights (Race 3, Sun), Panamanian Oscar Chavez (Confide, Race 4, Sun), S. Ruzaini (Star Invincible, Race 6, Sun), KC Wong (Tom King, Race 7, Sun), S.Anandan (El Tordillo, Race 9, Sun),  Jackson Low (Mozart Eclipse, Race 5, Sun) and Apprentice WK Lee (Spin Fire, Race 10).