The Selangor Turf Club launched the Ride of the Month Award yesterday. The Award is selected on the merits of Apprentice riders who display their uncanny skills in winning races. Selangor Turf Club Committee Member, Mr Clement Chew who sits on the Apprentice Board, said that the Award was the Club’s initiative for the part of the Apprentice School project which was launched by the Chairman of the Club Tan Sri Datuk Richard Cham Hak Lim recently. He said that it was aimed to help the up and coming riders to be more competent in race riding.
“This Award will be held every month although there were many apprentices like last season Champion L De Souza and CK Khaw who has been riding very well. However, the January’s award went to Apprentice S.Uzair who showed his uncanny skill when riding Lawson Moy’s Premium Rush where he came from the last to win in a convincing manner”, said Clement. Clement also added that the efforts from the trainer, giving opportunities for the apprentice to ride in races would help to raise the standard. “The support and proper guidance is vital for any apprentice who wants to be a successful rider”, said Clement. He hopes that with the introduction of this award, it will spur the young and budding riders to be more competitive in race riding and ride with a determination to win. Apprentice S.Uzair received the cash award of RM1,000 sponsored by Selangor Trainers Association from Tan Sri Richard Cham.