SLTC Apprentice School riders kept up their winning streak when riding the winner of 14 of the twenty two race last weekend.

In recent weeks SLTC apprentices have secured better than 35% of the winners but they easily surpassed that mark with 63% of the winners, even although they only had less than a third of the available rides.

Riding honours went to apprentice R Nuqman who booted home three winners including “KUBERA’S CHIEF” for trainer SY Lim.

He was joined by A R Raiyan with a double – both boys are apprenticed to trainer B T Lim.



Also riding doubles, were

apprentice Clyde Leck,

A B Riduan




W W Cheah for their employing trainers.

Whilst trainer L Moy’s apprentice S Uzair combined stable winner LIM’S SPHERE, with a winner for trainer S Dunderdale.
Apprentice K Pavinthran rounded out the haul when successful on the Charles Leck trained Golden Years.