Winners Court Restaurant

Level 3, Selangor Turf Club Racecourse
Selangor Turf Club.

For 3-4 Person Only


For 5 -7 Person Only


For 7-8  Person Only


For 8-10  Person Only


Today’s Soup Special Today’s Soup Special Today’s Soup Special Today’s Soup Special
Golden Grouper Filet with Lemon Sauce Saute Grouper Filet with Spring Onion and Young Ginger Sweet and Sour Grouper Fish Fried Sharks’s Fin Scramble Eggs, served with Fresh Lettuce
Wok-Fried Fresh Seasonal Vegetables in Market Claypot Beancurd and Wild Forest Mushroom Wok-Fried Fresh Squid, Celery, Sweet Pea and Green Capsicum Deep-Fried Grouper Filet, Coated with Creamy Sauce and Cashewnut
Fresh Farm Egg and Sweet Onion Omelette Seremban ‘Foo Yong’ Egg Claypot Beancurd with Assorted Seafood Baked Fresh Water Prawn, Marmite Sauce
Home Style Prepare Chicken with Fermented Bean Paste and Black Bean Prepared American Blackpepper Boneless Chicken Roasted Crispy Chicken Duo of Hong Kong Kai Lan with Silver Anchovies
Steamed Fragrant White Rice Stir Fried Fresh Seasonal Vegetable with Assorted Seafood Authentic Loh Hon Chai Claypot Homemade Beancurd with Royal Abalone and Fresh Wild Mushroom
Steamed Fragrant White Rice Steamed Fragrant White Rice Combination of Roasted Chicken and Stir-Fried Honey Chicken
‘Yang Zhou’ Fried Rice, Topped with Anchovies
Chilled Sweetened Longan and Seacoconut
Steamed Fragrant White Rice

*Price above is not valid during Chinese New Year festival.