Visiting Jockeys Requirement


The following Visiting Jockeys Guideline was revised as at 28 October 1997 :  


  1. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Club are authorized to decide othe applications for local permits from visiting jockeys to ride at SelangoRace Meetings
  2. A VisitinJockeys must be sponsored by a trainer(sosponsored by the Club or apply to ride on a freelance basis
  3. A Visiting Jockeys is free to ride in all of the Club'classic races
  4. The jockey must be a professional jockeholding a valiclearance from a recognized racing authority
  5. The jockey must rank amongst the top ten othe jockeystable ihihomcountry
  6. The time period for submission of applications idays before the meeting ithe jockey is already riding in the circuit and 14 days before the meeting if the jockey in the circuit for the first timeApplication must be submitted with full details of namesridinweightsperformances for the last two years and also clearance certifIcates
  7. The number of visiting jockeys to be allowed to ride at anyone race meeting anthe issuolocal permits shall be at the full discretion of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman
  8. Except in the case if a special waivera visiting jockey would only be permitted to ride at one meeting in any twelve-month periodSuch a waiver would only be granted in exceptional or extenuating circumstances
  9. The sponsoring trainer(s) must provide at least four rideto the jockey during the race meeting
  10. A trainer cannot sponsor a visiting jockey if he already has an expatriate stable jockey except whean internationally renowned jockey is engaged to ride in feature race
  11. The sponsoring trainer(s) must furnish -a deposit of RM500.00 which will be forfeiteshoulthChief Stipendiary Steward consider that -the jockey has not been givethe minimum rides.
  12. The visitinjockey is restricteto ride for the sponsorintralner(s} onlyHowever, othetrainers can· make an application to engage the ~ of tilvisiting jockeys provided that the sponsoring trainer(sdnohave a runneIn the race for which ~ visiting jockey can make the weight allotteand the sponsoring trainer(s) hano objectiotthe application