Dcode Fresh Horizon




Dcode Fresh Horizon was held in The Selangor Turf Club on 3rd September 2016 from 2pm until 6pm. It was the Malaysia’s longest interactive Water Slide in collaboration with Slide The City.


Originated from United States, the 1,000-foot giant water slide was organized in various countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and now in Malaysia.




Participants enjoyed the various games organized such as the Slide & Switch, Human Pac Man, Foot Golf, Boost Pong and Boost Jump. There were also food trucks, DCODE Fresh Lounge, DCODE Vending Machine, DCODE Academy Bus and many more.


Famous DJs such as Indiego & Co, DJ Nikki and also DJ Nasty & Guru Guru provided entertainment to the crowd. Joshua Ivanovic, the World Champion Mixologist was there to teach the guests to discover new cocktail experience in the DCODE Academy Bus.