Anna Scott


New Zealander Anna started her career in the racing industry as a Travelling Foreperson in year 1997 under the employment of Bill Mitchell, a well-respected horse trainer in Australia. In 1998, Anna travelled to Kuala Lumpur and took up the job as Senior Track Rider to Selangor Turf Club based trainer Tan Soo Beng for a year.

In 1999, she worked as Stable Supervisor to another Selangor Turf Club based trainer, New Zealander Jonathan Sargent, for a year and left Malaysia in year 2000. Johnathan Sargent captured the MRA Trainer of the Year award for saddling the most number of winners in 2000.

She was granted Grade A Trainer Licence by the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing in 2001 and has been a professional trainer for over 10 years. Before joining the Selangor Truf Club, Anna held a Public Trainer Licence in New Zealand.

She has also held a Jumps Jockey Licence for a period of 3 years in New Zealand.