Corporate Social Responsibility


“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world

at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.”    by Albert Einstein


One of the key focuses of the Selangor Turf Club has been in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and every year the Club sets aside funds for the community outreach programmes. The Selangor Turf Club contributes positively to the communities in which we operate.


Just like all Malaysian, time and time again the Selangor Turf Club has risen to the occasion to help those affected by natural disasters and their spontaneous generosity has helped those affected by the earthquakes in Sichuan, China in 2008, Padang, Indonesia in 2009 and the latest in Japan in 2011.

Apart from contributions towards charitable and welfare causes, the Selangor Turf Club Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives also extend to sports development, in particular the equestrian sports.


The Selangor Turf Club started an Equestrian Centre in 1994, which conforms to international standards.  Besides being a training hub for the Malaysia Equestrian Athletes, the equestrian facility has been used for coaching courses and training for avid riders, veterinary students and farriers for close to two decades.  The Selangor Turf Club Equestrian Centre provides access to affordable and highly subsidized riding lessons for the public at large.  

Collaboration between the Turf Clubs and the Malaysian Equine Council, notably the National Horse Show, which was incepted in 1994, has successfully served as an important platform for the development of the equine industry over the years. 


The Riding for the Disabled (RDA) programme is also a pet project of the Club. The programme teaches disabled children to ride as it has been found that they can benefit tremendously from the horse's movement in terms of balance, co-ordination, concentration, and self-esteem and muscle development. The Club is one of the pioneers of the RDA programme in Malaysia sponsoring horses for the programme as well as organizing the RDA riding competition every year. Our riding instructors are also sent for specialized training so that they are better equipped to work with the RDA students.

The Selangor Turf Club also plays an active role in the promotion and cultivation of art through the diversity of cultures and community.  Working hand in hand with the art and musical related movements such as schools, local art colleges, local community, the Selangor Turf Club has incorporated art competitions, musical performances as part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility exercise.