Tony Yeoh

Tony Yeoh at 64 years old is one of the most experienced trainers in Kuala Lumpur and has consistently trained winners year after year. Tony spent eight years working as a B trainer for KL Chong before taking out his trainers licence in 1990. Tony's best season was in 2010 when he trained 23 winners.

Tony has an unusual habit of carrying a golf club around with him at all times during track work constantly working on his swing.

Held Trainers Licence since: 1990

First Winner:

Career Highlights: Winning 4 races with Angel Dream and recommending the horse race in Singapore where he was the first Malaysian horse to win in Singapore and won 3 races.

Winning 7 races with The Swordsman.

Major Step winning at Class 3 level in KL.

Best Horse Trained:

Current Best Horse: Stealth


1 April 2012 - Palmston