Handicapping Policy


The aim of this policy is to provide general information that will give a guide as to what weight and or ratings horses may receive in relationship to their racecourse performances.


The Selangor Turf Club has also introduced a Template which allows the user to see what weight a horse may achieve in certain classes of races. It must be noted that there is a minimum top weight requirement of 58.0kg and as such there will be occasions where the strength of nomination dictates a rise in weights.


The Handicapping Principles applied will be internationally recognised as used within Australia and within Malaysia. The standard races will apply a sequential system using 1 point to refer to 0.5kg.


There are additional race types programmed that utilise banding of ratings together, these races provide a good spread of weights yet reflective of their overall form.


Race types using banded ratings: FEATURE SET WEIGHT SCALE, TABLE 1 RACE, METRO 71+, METRO 68 – 89.


Any rating changes made on race days will be keyed into the RIS system on the day of the race meeting.



Class 1 -         80 and above

Class 2 -             71 – 89

Class 3 -             57 – 74

Class 4 -             44 – 61

Class 5 -             43 and below            

* At the Selangor Turf Club Minimum Top weight for handicap races is 58.0kg.


WIN PENALTY - Guideline only

An average win may be given an additional 5 or 6 points.


Some Factors which may increase or vary average penalty for example

1.   Margin to second horse

2.   Strength of win

3.   State of track

4.   Lightly raced

5.   Back to Back winners

6.   Recent wins and overall form

7.   Age of the horse

8.   Distance of the race

9.   Group winners

10. Any overweight carried

11. Strength of opposition and or thinness of field (small number of runners)

12. Type of race win


These are just some considerations taken by The Panel of Handicappers when reviewing ratings of winning horses.


In the instance of outstanding performances the Panel of Handicappers reserves the right to award additional rating points as it sees fit, refer to above considerations.


The Handicapping Policy is of a general nature and cannot be used as a definitive guide to changes in rating on every occasion. Discretionary Handicapping dictates that discretion may be used when deciding on the strength or merit of any performance.


Apprentice Claims and Overweight

Any Apprentice claim is not taken into consideration as any claim reflects the Apprentice experience. When any jockey carries overweight (more than the horse’s allocated weight) any additional weight maybe taken into consideration.


Placed Horses

2nd may normally receive 0.5kg or 1kg

3rd may receive 0kg or 0.5kg


There may be circumstances where greater changes occur i.e. Group placing for a lower rated horse. Any jockey carrying overweight may be taken into consideration.


No horse will be promoted into a higher class when placed 2nd or 3rd in a lower class. This means when you have reached the highest rating for a class and place, you will remain the same rating (for placed horses).


Unplaced Runs

Horses running unplaced are generally eligible for rating reductions. In some circumstances horses running 4th and sometimes 5th, or horses that finish close to the winner may have no reduction, depending on margins. The other horses may expect to reduce 1 to 2 points and in some instances more.


Below are some circumstances which may affect any weight relief of unplaced horses

1. Last start winner.

2. Long time spell ( 1year) when resuming.

3. 6 months or less spell when resuming.

4. Newcomers to Selangor or Malaysia regardless of previous starts.

5. Under scale horses

6. Horses running in unsuitable distances.

7. Strength of race

8. After Review of the Stewards Report - Not Striding out / lame / Respiratory Distress / Corrective Surgery / Saddle Slipped / Left at Barrier / Any Steward inquiry into riding  / Did Not Act in the Going / in race incidents.


Above are just some of the considerations taken by Handicappers when reviewing ratings of unplaced horses.


Rating changes in set weight races

In Feature Set Weight, Table 1, Metro 71+, Metro 66 – 89 races one cannot always expect that adjustments after any particular race, will necessarily be in a manner that will have each horse meeting other runners that finishes in front of him to be the same or better terms in a similar race. Rather the changes will be cumulative with the overall form history.


Restricted Maiden (RM) RACES W.F.A. (2yo’s and 3yo’s)   - 57.0kg Minimum top weight (SLTC)


1st            50/51 rating

2nd           47 rating

3rd            45 rating

4th            43 rating

The rest of the field 41 rating.

  • The above ratings are applicable only if they are having their 3rd run other than a winner.
  • The ratings are guidelines only; the merit of any win may dictate minor variations.
  • Any win for a lower rated horse will have a discretionary reassessment, usually no more than 9 points.


Weight For Age (W.F.A.) RACES

W.F.A. races are races run under set weight conditions, the weights reflecting the age at any given distance range, time of year and sex of the nominations.


The scale for W.F.A. is an Internationally recognized scale in two parts one a Northern Hemisphere Scale and another Southern Hemisphere Scale.


When reviewing W.F.A. races winning horses that are highly rated and “well in at the weights” may have different reassessments to those who are lowly rated. Clearly when under the internationally recognized set weight provisions of the W.F.A. scale horse with better performances and higher rated horses meet the others on better terms than under handicap conditions.



Southern Hemisphere for Northern Hemisphere Foals files/editor_files/files/Northern_Southern_Foals.xls


WFA Southern Hemisphere  files/editor_files/files/WFA_Southern_H.xls


Racing Structure  files/editor_files/files/Race_Structure.xls